The Sun Online World Sleep Day Feature

Jun 4, 2021

The Sun:  SWEET DREAMS From gummies to ear plugs, products to help you get the best night’s sleep

To celebrate World Sleep Day, The Sun online had a look at ways to get some good quality sleep. Earplugs were included as a ‘godsend’ for light sleepers. And our EarHub silicone earplugs 3 pair pack was described as ‘good value’. The earplugs can help reduce background noises and snoring by as much as 50 per cent. Also, the fact they are washable, offers further value for money for regular users than the daily disposable options.   

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EarHub Sleepwell Silicone 6 Pair

EarHub Sleepwell silicone earplugs

Available in 3 pair £4.99, 6 pair £8.99 and 12 pair £16.99.