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Mar 16, 2021

 Get a better night’s sleep with our

10 Tips to reduce noise in and around the bedroom!



EarHub’s Sleep Expert, Sammy Margo, comments, “Research has shown that both indoor and outdoor noise are major causes of sleep disruption, and that noise reduction can lead to better learning memory and sleep. Watch our short video to hear Sammy explain more about noise pollution and read her 10 tips below to help improve your surroundings to avoid being awoken by noisy neighbours, the sound of a partner snoring or outside traffic.

Although it’s very difficult to completely eliminate irritating and harmful noise in the bedroom, our sleep expert, Sammy Margo, shares her tips to help to reduce the noises in the bedroom and get a better night’s sleep.

1) Soft furnishings
Reducing the number of hard surfaces in your bedroom can help to reduce noise. Think about switching hard furniture for soft furniture such as a hard plastic chair for a soft upholstered chair. Noises are dampened down by the softer surfaces

2) Pictures
Instead of hanging your favourite photo or painting, mount a fabric wall hanging. This is a great way to dampen sound and add some colour and texture to the room. Otherwise add some foam to the back of your existing pictures.

Rugs and carpets can make a huge difference throughout the house especially if you have wooden or tiled flooring. And you can add an extra layer of underlay to help to absorb sound. Cut pile carpet is better than loop because of the more open nature. Whereas tiled flooring produces 7-12 times more noise than carpet.

4) Ear plugs
A cost-effective easy way to reduce harmful or irritating noise for a better night’s sleep. 

Our EarHub silicone earplugs are designed to reduce harmful or irritating noise for a better night’s sleep. The soft silicone can be easily moulded to create the perfect, comfortable fit. The earplugs are washable and reusable up to three times to offer a cost effective, more environmentally friendly option for the regular user of earplugs. Packaged in a free travel case, the silicone earplugs make the perfect travel companion and can be stored securely in the case when they are not in use.

 EarHub soft foam earplugs are both comfortable and great value for money. The soft foam offers a comfortable fit ideal to wear all day or all night long. The contoured T-shape makes for easy insertion and removal, while the foam expands in the ear canal to create a secure fit. And the bright purple colour makes them easy to see! 


EarHub Sleepwell Silicone 6 Pair

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5) A Shhhhh Sign!
A Do not disturb sign doesn’t have to just be for hotel stays! They can come in handy at home especially if you have a shared house. A little sign on the door can help remind others to be quiet while you snooze peacefully.

6) Relocate your bedroom or reposition your bed or reposition yourself
Moving your bedroom to a quieter location in your flat/house could be a good plan if this is possible e g if you live on a main road move your bedroom to the back furthest way from a noisy road. And if you just can’t do this try moving your bed away from the wall. Otherwise try sleeping furthest from the noise source.

7) A door sweep
Just a simple door sweep can help to reduce sound which may be coming through that crack under the door. You can pick one of these up from your local DIY store or on-line

8) Draft excluder
Another DIY store tip could be to use the foam tape which is used to exclude drafts. This can help to dampen noise by stopping rattling doors or windows. It can also help them to become ‘soft closing’

9) Soft closing toilets
If you manage to cross your legs until the morning, you don’t want someone else’s bathroom visit disturbing you! A simple, cost effective bathroom upgrade could be the difference in staying asleep until the morning.

10) Sound deadening curtains
It’s hard for sound to travel through thick material and the curtain will help to absorb the noise. These curtains are thick and heavy but if you don’t want to break the bank, look at thick velvet or suede curtains as a substitute.

Introducing our Sleep Expert, Sammy Margo. Sammy is a chartered Physiotherapist, Sleep Expert, and author of the bestselling book, The Good Sleep Guide & The Good Sleep Guide for Kids.

Sammy developed an interest in sleep and recognises its impact on everything, including performance, recovery, healing times, general health and well-being.

Her bestselling books The Good Sleep Guide and The Good Sleep Guide for Kids, are both packed with practical tips on how to get a good night’s sleep.

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Watch the full video from Sammy Margo here including how to use our silicone earplugs.