Independent Online 8 best earplugs review by James Forrest

Mar 10, 2021

The Independent:  8 best earplugs for a good night’s sleep in a tent, campervan or hostel

James Forrest, aka Mountain Man, the record breaking British adventurer, tested and reviewed a selection of earplugs including our EarHub silicone 6 pair pack.  The earplugs were graded in terms of performance, functionality, design and price.

Great news, EarHub appear second in the list to guarantee a good night’s sleep, no matter where you’re travelling or adventuring. James explains the silicone earplugs were  ‘very effective at reducing irritating night-time noises’ and he felt ‘they probably blocked out sounds better than foam buds.’

Read the full review here.

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EarHub Sleepwell Silicone 6 Pair

EarHub Sleepwell silicone earplugs

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